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tv   11 News at Noon  NBC  September 19, 2012 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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[captioning made possible by constellation energy group] captioned by the national captioning institute >> our big story is a two-alarm apartment fire in northeast baltimore sent several people to a hospital including a 7-year- old boy in critical condition.
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there is no news yet on what caused the fire appeared >> it broke out just before 4:00 a.m. this morning. victims described flames shooting from all three floors of this building. >> there were a lot of flames coming out of there. i heard people screaming. >> absolutely terrifying moments for a young mother. she was one of several residents who had to climb out of their windows to escape the overnight fire. she was trying to save the lives of her 3-year-old son and her five-month-old baby. >> i did not know what to do. so i got out. >> the fire was inside. >> we have firefighters actually rescue several people from the rear of the building. at this point, we have transported various people to
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local hospitals. some were in serious condition in the others were moderate to minor. >> there is no word if any of the victims are related or how many people were affected by the fire. there were 12 units in the portion of the building that burned. one resident said that, as bad as this was, the fire could have been wars, calling firefighters heroes. >> i have to give them credit. if you seriously work, they were doing their job. >> i spoke with the apartment management. they say they will be looking to find living arrangements for those affected by the fire. >> a 41-year-old woman is dead after she fell off of a third- floor balcony in ocean city.
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she was found lying outside. the woman's name has not been released. police are unsure if she was the owner of the condo, a renter, or a guest. someone attacked peter marcus near his car monday night, a few blocks from his home. he was shot during an attempted robbery. he had been a research assistant professor at the university of maryland college park. a postdoctoral fellow and a contract it analyst with the nih. >> our hearts ache for his longtime partner and his daughter. we are very concerned and keep his family and our prayers. any performing group will tell you that this is like a family. so we have lost a dear and important family member. >> if you have any information, you're told to call 1-866-7-
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lockup. police arrested kelly ellerbee. he says that ellerbee and michael campbell were acquaintances. campbell is in the hospital being treated for a gunshot wound to the chest. witnesses say they saw ellerbee running through the university shortly after the shooting. charges against ellerbee include attempted murder. police say a man accused of monarch -- of murdering his grandparents tried to commit suicide in a hotel room. we're told he overdosed on an undisclosed drug. police say he left a note, saying he was sorry for what he did. police had been looking for him ever since the murder of his grandparents.
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>> obviously, the weather is a lot better than today. -- a lot better today than yesterday. it is much cooler, too. the wind is gusting up to 17 m.p.h. it will be a nice afternoon, a little breezy. it looks like the nice weather will stick around all the way through the end of the week. we have the seven-day forecast and weekend when i come back. >> the orioles got themselves back into first place due to an extra innings win. the o's were held scoreless in seattle through nine innings until the crew status symbol tied them at 2-2.
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then they played another nine innings, an entire game is worth. the royals scored one more for insurance and they won their 14th consecutive extra innings game. this one was 4-2. the birds are making their most exciting september call up of the decade. the team is sending bill monday to join the team in seattle. the right-handed pitcher will help the bullpen tonight after buck showalter had used eight pitchers in last night's game. coming up, kids in chicago finally back to school today. a look at the deal that ended the city's teachers' strike. a bizarre murder confession sends chills through a california courtroom. how this chef
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>> hundreds of thousands of chicago students are back in the classroom today. it is the first day of class is in more than a week. jake explains what brought the strained contract negotiations to an end.
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[chanting] >> stalled negotiations, parents stretched to their limit, cluster sitting empty -- students and teachers will get back to work today in chicago. >> this was the time. this was the place. this was the right thing to do. >> they agreed to accept the contract proposal from the city tuesday evening. but the members must fill approve the deal. that is expected to happen in the next couple of weeks. >> we said that it was time, that we could not solve all the problems of the world with one contract. and it was time. >> they have an animal salary averaging more than $70,000. the new contract calls for a 7% pay raise over the next three years. to sticking points had been job
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security and performance evaluation. underperforming teachers would be laid off during the first year of the new contract. >> this settlement is an honest compromise. it means returning our schools to their primary purpose, to educating our children. it means a new direction for chicago public schools. >> 1 that began when her opening bells finally rang across the city today. >> a bizarre murder case in los angeles gets even more strange in what appears to be a taped confession. police say that a southern california chef killed his wife in a taped interview played in court today. he told police that he slow cooked his wife in boiling water for four days and then dumped her out into the kitchen waste. he is charged with first-degree murder. still to come, parks and
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recreation are bringing their hilarity that to wbal tv. >> it is a nice day today, but we have a little rain coming up for the weekend. a few fairweather cumulus clouds out there right now been 67 degrees at the airport. [ dog growls, barks ] bring your dog to work day... not our best idea.
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are better than others. that was fast! thank you.
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>> it was a bumpy day yesterday. we had wind gusts up to 70 miles per hour and up to 5 inches of rain. it was not a pleasant afternoon.
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but it did drop the pollen count. look at this. if you suffer from rival leader something like that or allergies to the grass, you will feel pretty good today. the rain cleared up the atmosphere. that was one good thing that the rain did force yesterday. that system is pushing -- did for us yesterday. the ring system is pushing off the coast. you can see the weider clouds -- the whiter clouds. temperatures over there in the 40's this afternoon. we have this nice big area of high pressure behind it. that will take control over the next few days. you have that clear spinning in in the southern part of canada. that is where the flow is coming from, out of the northwest.
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we have only made it into the upper-60's here at lunch time. we will look at the temperatures and how they drop off to the other side of the mountain. it will be difficult to get the temperatures to move much this afternoon. basically, what you see is what you get. it is similar degrees downtown, 67 degrees at the airport and only 51 degrees in westminster. it will be able to sneak into near-70 degrees today. it will be a little bit cooler in the western suburbs. mostly sunny. a few clouds hanging out from time to time. the northwest wind at 10 m.p.h. to 15 m.p.h. the waves are at 1 ft. to 3 feet. the next high tide at fort mchenry will be at 10:10 p.m.
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this evening. the skies will clear and it will be chilly tomorrow morning. you will probably wake up to temperatures in the 40's. sunset at 7:08 p.m. we will hit 77 degrees on friday. the next chance for rain will come in late saturday and into saturday night. it shall clear up and turn cooler again on sunday. >> we see the hilarious comedy -- "parks and recreation" returns tomorrow night. we getting the lowdown. hi, guys. and my interrupting something? >> hi. >> no. not at all. >> and stuhr cells. -- keep your hands to yourselves. >> what's up? >> how are you? >> i'm good. how're you.
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>> i'm doing great. >> it's really fun. you know, i am from the tristate area. i am from delaware. so i like to use a lot of that into my acting. it is really fun to play pro and i am so glad to be here. >> adam, chime in here. you have something to say. >> i work with aubrey every day of my life so it is at the point where it is really interesting to hear her talk. there are a lot of feelings that come up. >> a lot of laughs this season. >> yes, it's great. >> you're really love each other. >> yeah. >> uh-huh. >> tell us what we can expect for the fifth season.
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>> it starts in washington, d.c. because then in april now work there. so leslie and chris -- leslie and andy cantu visit us in d.c. and we go around and see -- leslie and indeed come to visit us in d.c. and we go around and see all these sites. it is really fun to get on the road and to go to washington, d.c. to shoot the show. the show is a release are real and fun experience. >> ones, one now was a job, i took a trip to the baltimore aquarium and that was there overnight. it was all wonderful. >> why did you sleep at the aquarium? >> because that was part of the field trip. >> i feel that that may have been an off the great field trip. >> thank you for being with us.
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you can catch the premiere of "parks and rec" right here on wbal. in today's medical alert, athlete concussions are becoming a bigger problem across the country and now ravens linebacker jim mclean is joining and you complain -- a new campaign. a state law requires more training for coaches. the ravens want the 30-second ad to a pair on networks in full. coaches and athletes can never be too careful when it comes to brain injuries. >> we are asking the athletes to shut it down and stop playing and tell us, either tell the coach, the athletic trainer, the team physician. >> the ravens and their partners are handing out information sheets on how long dto detect ad
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treat a concussion. while concussion awareness could save your child's life, mammograms save the lives of women every year. but women do not get them as often as they should. >> if you are over 40 or have a hammering -- or have a family history of breast cancer -- >> once they catch it early, they can do something about it. >> it has been more than a decade since her last mammogram. >> i have a sister who had breast cancer and she had to have a double mastectomy. she is deceased now. and i have a niece who had it when she was 25. >> that is why she resolved to make this appointment. she and i want other women to know that getting a mammogram is a minor moment of discomfort that could literally save your life.
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>> i would not want to do it every day. but it is once a year. that's fine. >> i am getting the new 3d mammogram. >> it helps them find earlier staged smaller masses. >> aside for more detailed images come it is no different than a regular mammogram. yes, there is a squeeze, but is over in just seconds. no matter the result, i did my part to take my health and to my own hands. there is no reason not to get one because many women qualify for a free one. >> if for some reason there is a barrier to getting a mammogram, where there is a will, there is a way. we can help people get mammograms. >> that was monica robins reporting. coming up next, the lottery midday victory and picked four numbers. first, look at how wall street
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is doing at the moment.
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it has gone viral and now has more than 780,000 views on youtube. this video comes ahead of a match up with virginia military institute. i have to get to me to do this. now your maryland lottery midday pick 3 and pick 4 numbers. >> these are your picked three numbers. we start with four, followed by -- that is a six has printed on the ball. au're the third number is one. so your picked three numbers are
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4, 6, 1. ready to go now with your pick for numbers. you have a 4 for starters. the next number is a five. followed by and 8. your final number is 83. recapping the numbers, 4, 5, 8, 3. maryland lottery, let yourself played >> you can practice your moves later. tell us about the forecast. >> 70's today, low-70's. upper-60's in the suburbs. nice weather expected through the end of the week. and nice turn of events weather wise. i won't spoil it by dancing on tv. have a great day. ♪
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